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Is Cheddar Cheese Processed?

There are so many types of cheese. They have different textures, flavors and colors.

Cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and Swiss cheese are among various type types of cheese consumed.

Cheese could also be natural or processed.

Natural cheese is produced from the milk of various farm animals through the action of bacteria and acids.

Processed cheese is made from various portions of natural cheese and making use of added ingredients.

Cheddar cheese is a natural cheese that is produced from cow milk and that is left to age to acquire a sharper flavor.

It is one of the most widely consumed types of natural cheese in the world.

Therefore, cheddar cheese is not processed cheese. But together with other types of cheese, and added ingredients, cheddar cheese could be used to produce processed cheese.

American cheese is a type of processed cheese produced using cheddar cheese.

This article discusses more about cheddar cheese and processed cheese.

What is cheddar cheese?

Cheddar cheese is named after the place where it originates from; a village called cheddar in Somerset, England.

However, the production of cheddar cheese also takes place internationally including in Canada and the US.

Cheddar cheese has a firm texture, and sometimes, it could also be crumbly.

It has a white or light yellow color but colorings are often added to give it a orange color.

This particular type of cheese is made from cow milk.

Similar to producing other types of cheese, an enzyme called rennet is added to cow milk for coagulation to occur.

This is followed by the production of what are known as curd and whey. The curds are cut to reduce moisture, cooked and drained.

In producing cheddar cheese, draining the curds is followed by a process known as cheddaring.

Cheddaring involves pressing the curds into slabs or cubes and then stacking them on one another to squeeze out more moisture.

This makes cheddar cheese to become harder.

Cheddar cheese is then left age for months or even years.

As the cheese is left to age, its flavor becomes more intense or sharper.

The taste and texture also changes as the cheese ages. There may be cheese crystals in aged cheddar cheese.

Based on how this cheese has aged, it could be classified as mild medium and sharp cheddar

Mild: 2 to 4 months

Medium: 4 to 6 months

Sharp: 6 months to 1 year

Cheddar cheese could be used in a variety of ways. It could be used in sandwiches and to make grilled cheese.

What is processed cheese?

Processed cheese is made from one or more types of natural cheese blended with additives such as emulsifying salts and coloring.

Preservatives could also be added which gives processed cheese a long shelf life.

This type of cheese is made with stabilizing agents, and it also does not separate when it melts

They can be used for cheeseburgers and grilled cheese.

In some places, they are often not considered to be cheese at all tend to be considered as other foods including cheese spread, cheese food or cheese product.

One particular type of Processed cheese known as American cheese is made using cheddar cheese as one of its ingredients

Cheddar cheese vs. processed cheese

Apart from being natural, cheddar cheese has several other differences from processed cheese.

The texture of processed cheese varies while cheddar cheese is firm.

Cheddar cheese is produced using natural ingredients while processed cheese is made from one or more varieties of cheese including cheddar cheese and other artificial ingredients.

Often, a stabilizing agent is included to prevent processed cheese from separating as it melts while cheddar cheese is lumpy as it melts.

Cheddar cheese is left for months to age following which they acquire a different taste, processed cheese is not left to age.

Processed cheese also has a longer shelf life.

Nutrition of cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese contains about 402 calories in 100g

This cheese is rich in fats, particularly saturated fats. It is also high in cholesterol.

Cheddar cheese is a rich source of protein.

Apart from that, cheddar cheese is notable for its sodium content and has other minerals such as calcium, potassium magnesium and iron

It also has vitamins such as cobalamin, vitamin B6 and vitamin D.

Uses of cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese could be used for makin foods such as sandwiches and grilled cheese


Cheese is usually produced through a natural process.

However some cheese known as processed cheese are produced by adding more ingredients to small portions of natural cheese.

Cheddar cheese is one the most popular types of cheese consumed.

It is produced through a natural process using cow milk and it is left for months to age.

Cheddar cheese is also different from processed cheese.

However, processed cheese can also be made using blends of natural cheese including cheddar cheese.