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12 Great Kitchen Sink Accessories For Your Small Kitchen

From preparing meals to washing dishes, the kitchen sink serves several important functions in the kitchen. There are different types of kitchen sinks to choose from; they come in different sizes and shapes too. A kitchen sink could either be a single or double bowl kitchen sink and it could be made of different types of materials that suit the particular style of the kitchen you have.

The main parts of the kitchen sink consist of a faucet that supplies water for use to the kitchen sink, a drain that allows for the outflow of water, and the basin. However, to effectively make use of the kitchen sink, there are also a couple of kitchen sink accessories that you might want to consider when getting your kitchen sink. These accessories are almost as important as the kitchen sink itself and they come in handy when you’re using the kitchen sink either for washing the dishes, preparing meals, cleaning, or for other purposes.

Therefore, in addition to selecting the right kitchen sink for your kitchen, you could consider the right accessories that could help you to utilize your kitchen sink better.

We’ve compiled a list of these kitchen sink accessories and their functions.


1. A strainer to prevent the kitchen sink from clogging.

Food scraps and debris could go down the drain and clog the kitchen sink. A clogged sink is not only difficult to use, sometimes it may require a professional to fix it. To prevent your sink from clogging, it could be helpful to have something that can stop particles that could potentially clog the sink from going down the drain.

Sink strainers are sink accessories that could help in preventing your sink from getting clogged.

Sink strainers have small perforations on them. These strainers catch pieces of food right before they go down the drain and prevent them from clogging the sink while allowing water and other liquids to pass easily through the perforations on them.

There are various types of kitchen sink strainers and various designs, strainers could be made of different materials including plastic, stainless steel, and silicon.

Installation of a sink strainer is simple and they are also easy to use. They could fit into the drain hole and can be removed as well as cleaned easily.

2. A Sponge holder for your sponge

A kitchen sink sponge holder accessory

In a small kitchen, it’ll be a lot easier for you to use your kitchen sink when it is neat and organized. After cleaning food residue off dishes and the sink, having a neat container where you could keep your sponge would also be a good idea.

If left around, the kitchen sponge could pick up dirt. Also, you would as much as possible want to prevent your kitchen sponge from getting dirty by coming in contact with other things after use. You could do this by having a sponge holder where you can leave your sponge to dry out after use and remain clean after use as well.

By using a sponge holder, you also keep your sink clutter-free.

Sponge holders come in various designs and different sizes which can accommodate varying types of sponges. You can also get a container from your kitchen to use as your sponge holder. Some can be attached by the side of the sink while others could neatly be placed on the sink.

3. Dish rack/ Over-the-sink dish drying rack for air-drying of dishes

A dish rack

Once your washed dishes have been rinsed clean, drying the dishes could be either by towel drying or air drying.

If air drying your dishes after washing them clean is your more preferred option, then a dish drying rack could be a great sink accessory for air-drying your dishes once they have been washed clean.

After you’re done cleaning the pots, pans, and dishes, the next thing is simply placing them neatly on the dish drying rack and leaving them to dry.

A good dish drying rack allows for drainage and airflow which would help get your dishes to dry fast.

Certain designs of dish drying racks may also fit over your kitchen skin, making maximum use of limited space if it’s a small kitchen

4. A soap dispenser for your dish soap

You don’t want to be looking for where you kept the dish soap whenever you are about to do the dishes, and you would also want to know when it’s about to run out.

If you are looking for ways to organize your kitchen sink better, a soap dispenser for your dish soap should be one of the things to consider, especially for keeping dish soap easily accessible and ready for use when you want to use it.

You could go for a manual soap dispenser which could come in several different materials, colors, and designs to fit your personal preference and blend into the design of your sink perfectly or fit into your sink organizer.   The soap dispenser could also be an automatic soap dispenser, using a sensor that’ll dispense soap when your hand is under it.

5. Sink grid/sink mat to protect the sink from damages

Some kitchen sinks begin to wear right after installation and use. It depends on the quality of the kitchen sink and how well you use it. Some cleaning materials could also damage the sink after a while.

However, pots and other utensils are known to scratch the sink leaving behind marks and could make the sink wear off faster.

To prevent the sink from being scratched, you may have to install a sink grid at the bottom of your sink to protect the basin from scratches. These sink mats sit at the bottom of the basin and prevent pots and other utensils from directly scratching the sink while allowing water and food particles to pass.

6. A sink cover

One of the challenges you might have when it comes to food preparation in a small kitchen is the limited counter space.

If you need extra kitchen counter space, then you can convert the kitchen sink into an extra workspace.

Just like your kitchen counter, you can make use of the sink space when the faucets are turned off and the sink is not in use, by using a sink cover.

What is a sink cover?

A sink cover is a pretty simple kitchen accessory that is placed over the kitchen sink. It could help you to convert the sink to additional counter space during food preparation especially when you need more kitchen space. A Sink cover could come in handy especially in a small kitchen where you might not have enough workspace for food preparations.

You can get sink covers for your kitchen sink in various sizes, styles, materials to use and create a workspace, especially for a small kitchen to maximize the limited space you have.

7. A Colander for straining pasta

When preparing food, the kitchen sink is used for washing certain food items or straining them.

Foods like pasta might have to be strained, and without using anything to strain pasta, people often drop the entire serving of pasta into the kitchen sink by mistake

A colander is a bowl that has a lot of tiny holes like the strainer for draining water. A Colander is used for washing foods like fruits and vegetables, or draining pasta, and like the strainer, it could prevent food particles from falling into the kitchen sink while draining water or even going down the drain and clogging it.

An over-the-sink colander comes with long handles that rest on the sink, making it easier to wash your vegetables or strain pasta.

8. Splash guard

If you are concerned about getting your clothes wet when you turn on the faucet to use the kitchen sink, then maybe you should consider this particular sink accessory.

9. Plunger

A clogged sink is one common problem you may encounter with your kitchen sink, and sometimes to deal with this problem, a sink plunger may be helpful.

A Plunger uses suction pressure to loosen the clog.

Note that Sink plungers are specific for the kitchen sink and are different from other types of plungers. A sink plunger has a shallow bottom and is shaped like a cup.

What does a sink plunger look like?

The sink plunger has a rubber cup that is flat at its end and a long handle. Unlike the other types of plungers, the sink plunger does not have flaps.

10. Sponge/dishwashing gloves/ Dishcloth

You may choose to wash your dishes in a dishwasher or by hand. However, if you decide to wash your dishes by hand, then you might need either of these accessories to aid you with washing the dishes.

You could make use of a sponge, dishwashing gloves, or a dishcloth to wash your dishes.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

11. An apron

Aprons help to prevent your clothes from getting wet or stained while you are washing or cleaning the dishes in the sink. Get an apron for use in the kitchen.  Aprons can also help to prevent whatever is on your clothes from coming in contact with the food while you cook.

12. A trash can

You should also consider getting a trash can for your garbage when choosing a sink for your kitchen.

As stated earlier, not everything goes down the sink, as they could clog the drains and make using the kitchen sink difficult.

There are different concept and designs of trash cans that’ll fit the decoration of your kitchen, and even if you want to keep the thrash can hidden, there are specific designs which fit in the space under the kitchen sink or integrated into the kitchen cabinet.

Where to put a trash can in a small kitchen?

If you don’t want your trash can to take up room in your small kitchen, you have a couple of other options when it comes to where you can put your trash can. You can have your trash can in the cabinet underneath your sink or another base cabinet where you can also add a special pull-out drawer that is big enough to accommodate your trash can.

If you’re going for the option of putting your trash can underneath your sink, then you have to go for a size of a trash can that would be able to fit under the sink. You could measure it, to give you a proper idea of what the appropriate size of the base cabinet is and the size of the trash can that could fit into the cabinet.