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Pasta Fazool Vs. Pasta Fagioli

Pasta fagioli is a traditional Italian soup. 

This delicious soup is made from two main ingredients; pasta and beans.

Pasta fagioli is also made with a wide variety of vegetables which can be selected based on regional availability and preference.

The cook decides how thick he wants the sauce to be as well as the choice of ingredient.

In America, this dish is known as pasta fazool, and like most dishes that were brought by migrants, pasta fazool has slight differences from the original recipe which we are going to explore in this post. 

What is Pasta Fagioli? 

Pasta e fagioli means “pasta and beans.” 

It is popular Italian soup containing both pasta with beans 

Various other ingredients could be added including vegetables such as spinach, kale, garlic, onions, celery and carrots. 

The seasoning may include dried oregano, basil, thyme, marjoram or Parmesan rind. 

Ground beef and sausage can be used to make this dish 

Pasta and beans are cooked in a Broth. The broth can be chicken broth or vegetable broth 

The hearty soup starts out with a lightly sautéed mix of onion, celery and garlic, 

For this dish, small sized pasta varieties such as orzo, macaroni and ditalini pasta can be used. 

Both dried and canned beans can also be used to make this soup

The soup can either be thick or thin. Some of the beans can also be mashed to thicken the broth 

Variations of this can be found in different regions.

One of the variations of this dish known as pasta fazool can also be found in the US 

Pasta fazool vs pasta fagioli

Both dishes are technically the same. 

Pasta fagioli is also known as pasta Fazool in the US.

The American name “Fazool” is gotten from word “fasule.” Fasule in the Neapolitan dialect means beans.

The same dish in the Neapolitan dialect is known as “pasta fasule.”

You may notice a few peculiarities in the Italian American variant of pasta fagioli which can be used to distinguish them  

Typically, ditalini pasta is used in in Pasta fazool.

Also, in pasta fazool, the pasta and beans are cooked in a tomato sauce which in Pasta fagioli these ingredients are simmered in a broth

The tomato sauce for pasta fazool is made from crushed tomatoes, and it is thicker compared to the thin broth than is used in pasta fagioli.


Pasta fazool is the Italian American variant of pasta fagioli  

The beans and pasta in pasta fazool are cooked in a thick tomato sauce making a thicker soup than pasta fagioli which is cooked in a thin broth.