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What Is The Best Beans For Moi Moi?

Wrapped in banana leaves or prepared in aluminium containers, moi moi is a home-cooked delight that can often be found in Nigerian restaurants and parties.

This meal has a smooth texture and a savory taste as it melts in the mouth.

Moi moi is a bean pudding that is prepared by steaming.

Bean seeds are first soaked in water for a few hours for their shell to separate from the rest of the beans. The leftover shells are peeled off manually, and the product is ground into a paste.

Apart from beans which is the main Ingredient in moi moi, other ingredients may vary but mostly includes vegetable oil, crayfish, pepper, and tomatoes. Fish, as well as eggs, could be used to garnish the meal.

It is packaged into banana leaves, foil, or aluminium containers and then prepared by steaming.

This tasty meal is often eaten with jollof rice, fried rice, and plantain.

It is important to note that while there are numerous varieties of beans, specific varieties may be better used for a particular recipe, and if you are not really familiar with a particular recipe, then you could make the mistake of using the wrong type of beans.

The same applies to moi moi.

To prepare moi moi, two particular types of beans are best used; the brown beans or the white beans (black-eyed beans) can be used, and although they may both be used to prepare this meal wonderfully. Moi moi made from each type of these beans often has a slight difference which you may notice by the time you’re done with preparing the meal.

People often tend to prefer one type of bean over the other when they are making moi moi on the basis of these qualities.


The black-eyed beans can be found in so many places worldwide; therefore this particular type of beans would be more accessible to you just in case you want to make moi moi.

When this bean is used to prepare moi moi, it tends to have a smoother texture.


The type of brown beans used to make moi moi is the honey bean which is also known as “ewa oloyin”. It gets its name because of its sweet taste. These particular beans can be found in Nigeria and are used for several other recipes.