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Broccoli Slaw Vs. Coleslaw

A broccoli slaw or a coleslaw could be the perfect side dish for a lot of dishes  

Broccoli slaw and coleslaw are also commonly used as fillings or topping for sandwiches where they enhance the flavor and texture of these sandwiches 

But what exactly is the difference between these two salads? 

There isn’t much difference between the two salads, the broccoli slaw is simply a variation of coleslaw where the main ingredient is broccoli 

In broccoli slaw, broccoli substitutes the cabbages which are found in traditional coleslaw.

These vegetables are rich sources of nutrients and either of them could be used to make a really good salad. 

In this post, we will compare these two vegetables, and find out how they differ when used to make slaw.  

Broccoli and cabbages compared

Depending on the type of vegetable used, this salad could either be a coleslaw or a broccoli slaw. 

Broccoli slaw is a variation of coleslaw where broccoli is used as a substitute for cabbage.

To make coleslaw, the main ingredient used is white cabbage while broccoli slaw is made from broccoli.

Broccoli and cabbage are closely related vegetables.

Their flavors are similar although broccoli has a stronger flavor compared to cabbage which is mild.  

Broccoli is also more nutritious than cabbages. It contains more vitamins and minerals such as calcium and potassium than cabbages. 

What is coleslaw?

A coleslaw is a type of salad  

It is also known as slaw or cold slaw. 

The name of this salad is derived from a Dutch word ” koolsla” which means cabbage salad in English.  

Coleslaw is said to have originated around the 18th century in the Netherland. This salad is now popular worldwide

The primary ingredient for coleslaw is cabbage; raw cabbages that are finely shredded.

Traditionally white cabbages are used to make coleslaw, but other types of cabbages could be used as well 

Vegetables such as onions and carrots could be sliced as well and added.  

Both fresh and dried fruits, and even nuts could be used to make coleslaw

Meat such as bacon and chicken could be added. Different herbs could be used as well 

Coleslaw is usually dressed in a tangy sauce. 

This salad can be dressed in a vinaigrette or a mayonnaise-based sauce. It can also be dressed in mustard or even yoghurt 

The salad is usually allowed to sit for a while to marinate in the sauce

The dish is typically refrigerated. It is often served cold as a side dish together with other foods, but it can also be eaten on its own  

Coleslaw can be used as a filling for sandwiches or as a topping.  

There are also variations of coleslaw, and broccoli slaw is one of them.

Broccoli slaw

Substitute the cabbages in coleslaw for broccoli and you have a broccoli slaw 

For broccoli slaw, stalks of raw broccoli are shredded together with other vegetables.

This salad can also be dressed in a wide variety of sauces like the traditional coleslaw recipe.

The vegetable mix for broccoli slaw be found in grocery stores pre-packaged.