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Calrose Rice Vs. Basmati Rice

Rice is so versatile. It can be used as a main dish, side dish, in soups, and even in salads.

There are rice dishes in nearly every cuisine worldwide

There are also different varieties of this grain categorized based on characteristics such as length, texture and color. 

Popular varieties including Calrose and basmati rice are readily available in grocery stores.

These two varieties of rice have different characteristics, especially in size and texture. This also means that they are better suited for different rice recipes.

So, if you don’t know what variety to use between Calrose rice and basmati, continue reading to learn more about these two varieties of rice.

Difference between basmati and Calrose rice

Calrose rice is a medium grain variety of rice that has a soft and sticky texture, while basmati rice has long grains that are typically fluffy.

When cooked, the grains of Calrose rice becomes slightly sticky which makes Calrose rice better suited for recipes where the grains of rice are molded such as sushi.

Basmati works well in dishes where the grains of rice remain separate and do not cling to each other when cooked. It can be used in dishes such as rice pilaf 

Although it can readily be found on shelves in grocery stores, Calrose rice is not as popular as basmati.

What is Calrose rice?

Calrose rice

Calrose rice is a medium grain rice originating from California 

It was first produced in the 1940’s at the Rice Experiment Station in California. Since then, this rice has grown in popularity to become one of the most popular rice varieties.

The name of this rice can be split into “Cal” a reference to California, where this variety of rice originated, and “rose” which it shares with a similar medium-grain variety and

Calrose rice is produce in California, it can also be grown in other parts of the world where growing conditions are favorable such as Australia.

This rice has a high content of the starch amylopectin which makes its grain sticky and bind together when cooked.

It is versatile and can be used in different dishes including soups and salads. It can also be served with a sauce or used for stir-fries.

Calrose rice could be used as an alternative to sushi rice because of its sticky property 

The mild flavor of Calrose rice makes it perfect for recipes where it absorbs the flavor of other ingredients.

What is basmati rice?

basmati rice

A long-grain variety of rice mostly cultivated in India and Pakistan. 

Basmati rice is one of the most popular varieties of rice  

The grains are long and thin. Its length is about four times its width, and It is characterized by a fluffy texture, light nutty flavor and floral aroma.

When cooked, the grains are dry and do not stick together 

This rice contains essential oils. When boiled, it is fragrant with a really nice aroma 

Basmati rice is  used in many dishes in Indian, Pakistani, and Middle Eastern cuisine. This rice can be used as a main dish or side dish, in dishes such as pilafs and salads.

This rice could be paired with curry and also a wide variety of sauces.   

Basmati rice has a relatively low glycemic index rating, and it contains vitamins as well as minerals..

Brown vs white basmati rice

Although the white basmati rice is more common, there is also a brown variety of basmati rice 

The white or brown color is based on how much processing the grain has undergone.

They are also slightly different when it comes to physical qualities including aroma and fragrance. 

White basmati rice more processed than brown basmati rice, and therefore contains less nutrients.

However, the white basmati rice is more aromatic and cooks faster compared to brown basmati rice.