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Casarecce Vs. Gemelli Pasta

Each variety of pasta has a unique shape, however, some varieties of pasta may share certain features which are often used to group them together.

Casarecce and gemelli are both short cut varieties of pastas with similar lengths.

These pasta varieties are also rolled along their longitudinal axis and then twisted.

They are sometimes known as S-shaped pastas and can even be used as substitutes for each other in recipes.

However, despite their shared structural features, casarecce and gemelli are two entirely different varieties of pasta

In this post, we discuss the differences between these two pasta varieties.

Difference between casarecce and gemelli

In casarecce and gemelli, each piece of pasta is rolled along its longitudinal axis in such a way that it forms an ā€œSā€ shape in its horizontal axis, both pastas varieties are also twisted, however, there are more twists on the surface of gemelli pasta which resembles a helix while casarecce is only slightly twisted.

Also, although both Casarecce and gemelli are made up of a single strand, gemelli is twisted in such a way that it appear as though each piece of this pasta is composed of two individual strands instead of one.

What is casarecce?

Casarecce is a pasta variety that originates from sicily.

It is a short cut pasta variety reaching lengths of about 80 mm.

Each piece of this variety of pasta is loosely rolled along its length to forms a beautiful ā€œSā€ shape in its horizontal cross section.

There are also grooves in between the edges of this loosely rolled pasta.

Casarecce pasta is made from pasta dough like other types of pastas, it can also be dried or fresh.

It available in grocery stores but can also be homemade.

To prepare casarecce pasta, the pasta is cooked in boiling water for 10 minutes and then paired with a sauce.

This pasta variety is often paired together with a wide variety of thick sauces.

What is gemelli

Gemelli is an Italian word that means twins.

Although this pasta variety may appear as two separate strands of pasta that have been twisted into a spiral, in actual sense, gemelli is made up of only a single strand of pasta.

The single strand of pasta used to make each piece of gemelli is also loosely rolled just like in casarecce, however, the way the strand is twisted gives an impression that there are two strands in each piece of gemelli while it is actually one.

Gemelli is also rolled in such a way that it forms an s shape on the horizontal axis and has grooves on its surface.

It is also a short pasta variety, and on the average, this variety of pasta may reach lengths of about 80 mm.

It is made from pasta dough that is rolled and twisted into its respective shape.

There are many ways to prepare gemelli, often it is paired with a sauce.

It could also be used in some soups and also salads.

In conclusion

One of the interesting things about pasta is how each variety of pasta may be shaped.

Casarecce and gemelli pasta are two pasta varieties shaped slightly similarly.

The rolling of these pasta varieties also creates grooves on their surface.

The grooves on both pasta varieties holds sauces very well.

Casareece and gemelli could be paired with all kinds of sauce especially thick sauces. These varieties of pastas can also be eaten in soups and salads.

Differentiating gemelli and casareece from each other can be done using a few feature when it comes to their respective shapes.

Apart from that, they have essentially the same flavor and can even be used as substitutes for each other.