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Compote Vs. Coulis: What’s The Difference?

Compote and coulis are sauces made from fruits.

These preparations are known as fruits sauces, and they are used as toppings or dressings for sweet and savory dishes.

They are made from various fruits, and often, spices and other ingredients are added to these fruit sauces.

Compote is made up of fruits cooked in syrup while coulis is a fruit sauce made from fruits that are pureed and then strained.

As condiments, these fruit sauces are used to enhance the flavor of dishes.

In addition to enhancing the flavor of dishes, Coulis is also used to make decorations on dishes.

Compotes can be used as a spread, topping, or also be eaten as a dessert.

In this post, we discuss the differences between coulis and compote and how they are used.

What is compote?

Compote is a fruit sauce made up of stewed fruits, or fruits that are cooked in a sugary syrup.

The fruits are often diced but whole fruits are sometimes used.

It could be made from blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, and apples.

Cranberry sauce and apple sauce are two popular examples of compote.

A mixture of different fruits as well as dried fruits could also be used to make a compote.

How compote is made

The fruits are slowly cooked in a sugary syrup over low heat until the fruits soften.

As it is cooked, the juices from the fruits mix with the syrup that is used for the compote.

The cooking liquid could also be liquor, and some compote recipes make use of spices such as cinnamon and cloves to give it a rich flavor.

Compote contains chunky bits of fruits served together with a mixture of its fruit juices and the sugar syrup it was cooked in.

Thickeners aren’t usually used when making compotes, the sauce thickens by reduction.

Uses of compote

A compote can be eaten alone as a fruit dessert or it could be eaten together with other foods.

Compote is paired with other dishes as a topping or spread to give them more flavor.

What is coulis?

 A coulis is a fruit sauce or vegetable sauce that could be used to add flavor and also decorations to dishes.

It could be made from raw or cooked fruit and vegetables that are pureed and then strained.

Different fruits and vegetables can be made into a coulis.

There are a lot of creative examples of coulis made from their respective fruits such as mango, raspberry, tomato coulis, and strawberry coulis.

How coulis is made

The fruits are pureed together with some water and sugar in a blender.

Using a sieve or a fine mesh, the pureed fruits are strained to remove the larger pieces and seeds from the mixture.

A small amount of liquor is sometimes added to the coulis as well as spices.

Some coulis recipes might also use thickening agents.


Coulis could be found on desserts and entrée dishes.

This fruit sauce is smooth and thick but has pourable consistency to create wonderful impressions on food.

It could be drizzled over dishes to create beautiful decorations on the dishes

Coulis might also be used as a base for some soups.

Differences between compote and coulis

Compote has a chunky texture as it is made up of pieces of fruits within the syrupy mixture. Coulis is a smooth liquid that can be drizzled over food.

Coulis adds flavor to dishes as dressings or it can be used to make decorations on dishes.

It isn’t eaten alone on its own but used as a condiment to flavor other foods.

Compote is used on dishes as toppings, however, without combining it with other dishes, compote could be eaten as a dessert dish.

Also, compote is made using fruits while coulis can be made with both fruits and vegetables.

The fruits in compote are usually cooked, while the fruits and vegetables for making coulis may be uncooked or cooked.

In conclusion

There are several ways to make use of fruits in both sweet and savory dishes.

Fruit like apples, strawberry, and cranberry could be added into recipes as a fruit sauce.

Compotes and coulis are easy to make. These fruit sauces offer several creative ways to make use of fruit flavor in different recipes.

These sauces are the perfect flavor combination with certain foods and they could be used to create a more appealing dish for guests.