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Difference Between Suadero And Carnitas

Various cuts of meat can be used as fillings for tacos.

Among the meat fillings offered by Taquerias, Suadero and carnitas are popular both in the US and Mexico.

Suadero and carnitas are traditional Mexican meat dishes which are also used as fillings for tacos.

These dishes share a number of similarities; They both are traditionally cooked in lard; they also have a similar flavor, and their textures are not so different.

However, despite their similarities, they are made from entirely different types of meats.

In this post, we are going to learn more about suadero and carnitas, and highlight the difference between these two meat dishes.

Sudaero vs. carnitas

The main difference between suadero and carnitas is that they are made from different types of meats. 

Suadero is a cut of beef, from middle part of a cow, between the animal’s sirloin primal and the lower flank, while the meat for Carnitas is cut from the shoulder region of the pig. 

What is suadero?

Also known as “rose meat” for its light pink color, suadero is a thin cut of beef gotten from the region above the cow udders.

It is a tough cut of meat and requires a long cooking time to reach a tender and shreddable texture. 

The meat also has a smooth texture and a rich beefy flavor. 

In Mexican cuisine, it is traditional to braise the meat in lard until it is tender before frying to yield a crispy texture.

Paired with corn tortillas, cilantro, onion, or salsa, this cut of meat is a very popular taco filling in Mexico. It is also used various other Mexican dishes including tortas and gorditas.

What is carnitas?

Carnitas translates to “little meats” in English 

It is a flavorful dish made from pork that is cooked in lard.

The meat for carnitas is cut from the boneless pork shoulder.

The meat is braised or simmered with seasonings and lard until it is moist and tender to a shreddable texture.

It can also be roasted or fried to add a crispy texture.

Carnitas may be seasoned with salt, black pepper, onion, garlic, oregano, cumin, chili powder, and lime juice. 

This traditional Mexican dish can be served as a main dish where it is eaten on its own, it can also be used as a filling for tamales, tortas, and burritos. 

In the United state Carnitas is among the most popular taco filling. It is often served in soft corn tortillas together shredded lettuce, onions, Pico de Gallo or salsa, and topped with lime juice

The slow cooked meat can also be roasted to make it extra crispy.


When it comes to taco fillings, Meat is sometimes used as the main ingredient.

Both Carnitas and suadero are among the most popular cuts of meat which are used as fillings for tacos. 

Suadero tacos are Mexico City’s most popular street tacos, while carnitas are more popular in the United States. 

Apart from tacos, these meat dishes can be found in other Mexican dishes.