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Firecracker Shrimp Vs. Bang Bang Shrimp

Firecracker shrimp and bang bang shrimp are popular dishes that are made from shrimp. 

These dishes are also restaurant favorites where they may be served as appetizers.

The shrimp in these dishes is typically coated with batter and fried until crispy, after which they are served with a flavorful sauce.  

However, despite having the same basic concept, these dishes are different.  

The difference between these two dishes is their accompanying sauce which is made from different ingredients.

In this post, we learn about these dishes and talk about what makes them different.  

What is firecracker shrimp?

Firecracker shrimp is a dish of crispy fried shrimp that is paired with a spicy sauce.

The shrimps are cleaned, deveined, and lightly battered, after which it is fried to a golden color.  

The fried shrimps are dressed in a flavorful sauce which is a blend of spicy, sweet, and savory flavors. 

The name of this dish is a reference to the sauce which gives the dish its signature taste. 

The sauce contains sriracha which provides the dish with its intense heat, the minced garlic adds a savory layer to the sauce, while soy sauce gives the sauce its umami notes. 

Brown sugar or honey is also added for sweetness.

What is bang bang shrimp?

Bang Bang Shrimp is another dish that combines crispy fried shrimps with a sauce that gives it its unique flavor. 

This dish is a shrimp appetizer that is popularly served at bonefish grill restaurant, and it has become an American favorite.   

The shrimp is battered, fried, and paired with a creamy sauce which is drizzled over the crispy shrimp.  

The dish may also be garnished with green onions and other vegetables.

The sauce accompanying bang bang shrimp is a mayonnaise-based sauce.

This sauce also contains other ingredients such as sriracha for some spiciness, sugar which provides sweetness, garlic and a variety of seasonings. 

Bang bang shrimp has a creamy sauce

The distinctive feature between these shrimp appetizers is their different sauces. 

The nature of the sauce also imparts a unique flavor profile to these dishes.  

Firecracker shrimp typically features a spicy and tangy sauce while bang bang shrimp is accompanied by a creamy and slightly sweet sauce which contains mayonnaise  

As a result of the accompanying sauce, the firecracker shrimp is spicier compared to bang bang shrimp, while bang bang shrimp tends to be sweeter and creamier compared to firecracker shrimp.