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Furikake Vs. Togarashi

Furikake and togarashi are popular Japanese condiments.

They are used as instant flavor enhancers in a variety of dishes in Japanese cuisine.

These condiments are made from a mixture of dried ingredients that are ground or chopped into tiny flaky particles.

Furikake and togarashi have different ingredients, and they also have different flavor profiles.

In this post, we discuss the different ingredients that are used to make these condiments, their flavour profiles, as well as how they are used.

Difference between furikake and togarashi

The ingredients in furikake may vary from product to product, however, dried fish, seaweed, toasted sesame seed, salt and sugar are commonly used for furikake. Togarashi is made from chili peppers, sesame seeds, ground ginger, dried orange peel, as well as dried seaweed.

The flavor profile of furikake is based on the mixture of ingredients used to make the condiment. Furikake is often slightly briny and may also have a range of sweet and savory flavors.

Togarashi consists mainly of chili pepper and could be quite spicy, it also has a sweet citrusy flavor as a result of the orange peel used.

What is furikake?

Furikake is a dry, bright coloured, and flaky seasoning blend.

The word furikake means sprinkles in English. This condiment is a staple in Japanese cuisine and it is sprinkled on some dishes as a seasoning.

Furikake was first invented as a nutritional supplement which was taken alongside white rice by a pharmacist Suekichi Yoshimaru.

It is traditionally eaten with steamed rice, however, it can also be sprinkled on fish, vegetables and other foods

Furikake has a rich flavor, and it enhances the flavor of the dishes that it is used with.

There are many versions of this condiment, and the ingredients may vary from product to product.

The commonly used ingredients in furikake are dried fish, seaweed, toasted sesame seed, salt and sugar

Other ingredients that are often used to make furikake include katsuobushi, okaka, dried shiso leaf, shiitake mushroom, egg, wasabi, and powdered miso.

Furikake can also be commercially produced or homemade.

Monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer is sometimes used in commercially produced furikake.

To make furikake, the ingredients are chopped and ground until they are powdery or flaky, and then they are packaged in shakers.

What is togarashi?

Togarashi is a Japanese word for chili peppers.

This seasoning mix is a Japanese condiment that contains chili peppers and other ingredients.

It could be used on different foods including noodles, rice, and soups.

Togarashi contains pepper, and therefore it has a spicy note which could be mild or hot.

There are three forms of this condiment; schichimi togarashi, ichimi togarashi and nanmi togarashi

Schichimi togarashi

It is also known as seven flavour chilli pepper or the Japanese seven spice.

Schichimi togarashi is a mix of seven ingredients which are red chili pepper, sansho pepper, white and black sesame seed , ground ginger, dried orange peel and dried seaweed.

This condiment has a spicy and sweet citrusy flavor

Ichimi togarashi

This is a version of togarashi that is made up of only the chili peppers. Ichimi togarashi means one flavor chili pepper.

Nanami togarashi

The ingredients used are the same as in schichimi togarashi, however, a larger proportion is made up of the dried orange peel.

Nanami togarashi has a more pronounced citrusy flavor than schichimi togarashi.

In conclusion

These dry condiments are made up of a mixture of ingredients with different flavors. They have complex flavors which enhance the flavor of dishes they are used on.

In addition to enhancing the flavor of food, these seasoning blends could also be used to garnish food.

Furikake and togarashi could both be used as colorful and crunchy toppings for different dishes.