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Is Fondant Icing Edible?

Cakes are not only enjoyed for their sweet taste, their amazing design are also something we love to admire.

With beautiful flowers, pattern and shapes, bakers are able to create cakes that simply works of art.

A lot of decorative elements are used by a baker to create a cake that is a masterpiece, and the beautifully designed cake could also be made entirely out of edible materials.

Some cake designs are done using icings or frostings; sometimes candies or chocolates are used to create fine details, while edible dyes might be used to color the cakes.

One of the commonest elements used in creating designs on cake is fondant.

Fondant is edible icing made using glucose, sugar, glycerine and gelatine that is used to give cakes a smooth covering.

It is also known as sugar paste.

Fondant is usually rolled out and used to cover the surface of the cake. However, flat shapes could also be cut out from fondant and use to create patterns or other designs on the cake.

Is Fondant Edible?

Fondant is made using edible ingredients, and can be eaten together with the cake.

However, if you do not like them, they can easily be peeled off.

Fondant is made using sugar, water, glycerin and gelatin.

Some easier fondant recipes make use of marshmallows which also contain some of these ingredients.

What does fondant taste like

Fondant is very sugary and sweet tasting.

It may also have a vanilla flavor, however, other flavors could be added to fondant which could give it a different taste.

Although fondant has a sweet taste, some people may not find this sugary taste of fondant delightful, and they may choose to separate the fondant from the rest of the cake.

What does fondant look like?

Fondant could either be in the form of a thick liquid known as poured fondant which can also be used as a filling, or rolled fondant.

Rolled fondant is in the form of flat sheet used for wedding cake decoration that covers the cake.

Fondant gives a smooth layer to the cake; you can also use other types of icing to add more designs to the cake after the fondant has been laid out.

Flat shapes could also be cut out from fondant and used to add further designs on the cake.

The fondant could also be sculpted to give several structures.

Once used the entire cake or cup cake might be covered by the fondant and it remains hard in room temperature.

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Fondant vs. butter cream

Butter cream is also another edible decorative element used on cakes. They may be used instead of fondant or together with fondant.

Both fondant and butter cream can be used to create amazing cake and cup cake designs.

Fondant could be used to cover cakes or cut into various shapes and used as cake designs, butter cream can also be spread over cake to cover it.

There are a few differences between the two options which we are going to go through.

On one hand, butter cream is fluffy and is usually described as a frosting and not an icing.

Butter cream is made with butter, confectioner’s sugar and flavoring.

It also contains more fat than fondant as butter or shortening is the main ingredient in butter cream.

Butter cream is cheaper than fondant and mistakes are easier to correct using butter cream than fondant.

Also, Fondant may crack if not made properly.

However, Sculpting is done better using fondant than butter cream. But using a pipe to create swirls and other beautiful patterns is better with butter cream, this is difficult to do using fondant.

Butter cream has a creamier taste which people may prefer compared to fondant which people may not like.