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Is Perciatelli The Same As Bucatini?

Grocery stores are filled with different types of pasta.

Some are long, some have short strands, some are twisted with ridges on their surface, and some are flat like ribbons.

There are also some pasta varieties that have holes running through their strands. 

Bucatini is a popular variety of pasta with long cylindrical strands like spaghetti. However, unlike spaghetti, it has a hole that runs through the middle.  

Another name that this same pasta shape may be labelled as is perciatelli.  

So, is perciatelli the same as bucatini or is there any difference? Continue reading to learn more about the pasta shape.

Do bucatini and perciatelli mean the same thing?

Bucatini and perciatelli are just different names for the same type of pasta  

Both names are used interchangeably to refer to same type of pasta.

However, depending on the location, one name may be used more than the other.

While bucatini is often used to refer to this pasta in most of Italy and also worldwide, perciatelli is popularly used in some regions in Italy such as Campania. 

Perciatelli is gotten from an old French word “perciato” means pierced, a reference to the hole running through the center of this pasta.

Bucatini is gotten from the Italian word “buco,” means “hole.”


A long cut pasta that Resembles spaghetti.

It has a cylindrical shape with a circular in cross section but thicker. It also has a hollow center running down the entire length of the pasta. 

This pasta is known as bucatini in most part of Italy and also worldwide, while in the region of Campania, they are popularly known as perciatelli.

This pasta dough is made with hard durum wheat, flour and water. 

Bucatini or perciatelli is an extruded pasta.

It is made with a machine that forces the pasta dough through a disk with tiny circular perforations. 

This tube-shaped pasta has a length that is between 25 to 30 cm in length, and a diameter of about 3mm.

Perciatelli could be dried or fresh and It has chewy texture.

Spaghetti is a good replacement for perciatelli  

How is perciatelli used

To prepare this pasta, boil for about ten minutes to soften 

It pairs well with thick sauces and Semi-thick sauces  

The hollowed center of perciatelli gives it a greater surface area to adhere to thick sauces.

Traditionally, it is served with tomato sauces, bolognese sauce or any other meaty sauce  

A simple butter dressing can also be paired with this pasta.

One popular dish with this pasta shape is perciatelli or bucatini all’ amatriciana, where it is served with a sauce made from tomatoes, guanciale and pecorino Romano cheese,  

Bucatini can also be used in casseroles or served in soups. Classic Italian soups like minestrone could be made with this type of pasta 

This pasta is similar to spaghetti pasta and can even be used as a substitute in some recipes that demand for spaghetti 

Bucatini or perciatelli can also be used as a biodegradable drinking straw.