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What’s The Difference Between Mulitas And Quesadilla?

Quesadilla is a cheese filled Mexican sandwich made with tortillas.  

This snack can be found all over Mexico, sold from the carts of street vendors. Even in the US, quesadillas are also popular, especially in restaurants that sell Mexican foods or Areas that have a large Mexican populations.

In addition to cheese, this snack could also contain meats and vegetables which are sandwiched in between the tortilla. 

The same combination can be found in another Mexican dish known as Mulitas.  

Mulitas are quite common particularly in Los Angeles, where they can be found on the menus of restaurants or bought from street vendors.  

Although they are prepared in the same fashion as quesadilla, mulitas are slightly different. 

So, what’s the difference between both dishes? 

Quesadilla vs. mulitas 

Both Mexican snacks are made from practically the same ingredients, although in different proportions. 

In Quesadilla, a single tortilla is folded in half over the fillings, while in mulitas, cheese and other fillings are sandwiched in between two layers of tortillas. 

As such, Mulitas are usually circular in shape while quesadillas are semicircle but can also be cut into triangular sections.

Mulitas are also fuller and meatier compared to quesadillas, and are often considered to be a larger sized quesadillas.

How quesadilla and mulitas are made

Tortillas, cheese, meat, vegetables and even beans are all used to make quesadilla  

Traditionally quesadillas are made with corn tortilla but sometimes it could also be made with flour tortillas as well. 

Mexican cheeses such as Manchego, asadero, Chihuahua, Oaxaca are great for melting and can be found in mulitas and quesadillas. 

Ground or shredded beef can be used. There are varieties of quesadilla made using only vegan ingredients as well. 

Once the filling is prepared. The tortilla is pan-fried or grilled 

For quesadilla, a single layer of tortilla is used, and once it has been filled, it is folded in half over the other contents of this Mexican snack. 

Sometimes, quesadillas are cut into triangular shaped wedges and served. 

For mulitas, the contents that make up the filling are sandwiched with another layer of tortilla. 

After filling and folding the quesadillas, it is fried a little bit more in the pan to be crispier. 

These savory dishes are served together with a variety of sauces. 


Tortillas are used as either a wrap or base for snacks where they are topped or filled with a variety of ingredients. 

Mulitas and quesadillas are both Mexican sandwiches that are made with tortilla, 

Regular quesadilla is made with a single tortilla that is folded in half.

The ingredients are the same, however their proportions are what sets them apart. Mulitas are made using two tortillas while quesadillas are made using only one.