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Pepperoni Roll Vs. Stromboli

Pepperoni roll and stromboli are popular rolls with savory fillings that can be eaten on-the-go.  

These snacks, which are somewhat similar especially in appearance, are a blend of Italian American flavors.  

While they share a couple of similarities in their appearance, these preparations have distinct characteristics that set them apart.  

In this post, we’ll go over these snacks and highlight the features that distinguish them.” 

What is pepperoni roll?

The pepperoni roll is a snack originally from West Virginia.

It is a soft white bread roll filled with spicy pepperoni. It was traditionally consumed by coal miners for lunch, but over time, it has become a regional staple. 

The pepperoni in this treat can take various forms, such as a stick or slices, it can also be in ground form. 

The oil from the meat infuses into the bread roll and contributes to the distinct orange-red spot at the bread’s tip. 

Other ingredients that could be added in variations of this snack include cheese, and tomato sauce. 

This portable snack is versatile, it can be enjoyed warm or at room temperature, making it suitable for breakfast or lunch. 

What is stromboli?  

Stromboli was created by Italian Americans in Philadelphia.  

This snack is named after a place off the coast of Sicily. 

Stromboli is a turnover similar to calzone. It’s baked in an oven but can also be deep-fried, offering a delicious variation. 

This versatile treat is shaped like a cylinder, and it has diverse fillings, including mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, Italian cold cuts, vegetables, and sometimes tomato sauce.  

The base is made from either pizza dough or yeasted bread dough.

The rectangular dough is topped with a variety of ingredients, rolled into a cylinder, and sealed by folding the excess dough.  

After baking, it can be sliced into sections and can also be dipped in tomato sauce. 

Difference between pepperoni roll and stromboli

The primary distinction between pepperoni rolls and stromboli comes down to their compositions; their dough and fillings could be quite varied. 

Pepperoni rolls typically consist of a soft, yeast-based dough with a filling predominantly composed of pepperoni slices and melted cheese.  

On the other hand, stromboli utilizes pizza dough, offering a chewier texture, and allows for a more varied filling, including different Italian cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables, and sometimes tomato sauce.  

As such, stromboli is a more diverse dish compared to pepperoni rolls.