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Pizza Puff Vs. Calzone

Have you heard of pizza puffs or calzone? 

Popularly sold as street food, these treats can equally be eaten in restaurants, and they are perfect for when you are craving something with a pizza flavor 

Pizza puffs and calzones have a couple of similarities; their fillings typically consist of some of the ingredients used as regular pizza toppings, and they are made so that they can be enjoy on the go.

However, there are also few differences between these two snacks.

In this article we discuss the differences between calzone and pizza puff.

Difference between pizza puff and calzone

Pizza puffs are very similar to calzones. Both treats are pocket sandwiches with pizza like fillings; however, calzones are oven baked while pizza puffs are deep fried. 

Also, unlike pizza puffs, calzones do not include tomato sauce as filling.

What is pizza puff

A fast-food snack wrapped with a thin tortilla-like dough. 

Pizza puffs are flat, deep-fried pizza pockets with a filling that is similar to pizza topping 

The flaky crust exterior is traditionally filled with tomato sauce, sausage, pepperoni, cheese and Italian seasoning  

Deep fried in oil Eaten with the hands  

According to sources, the pizza puff was invented in 1976. Pizza puffs are a Chicago specialty and can be found in many restaurants in Chicago and in local hot dog stands  

Most pizza puffs sold commercially are produced by Iltaco  

The pizza puff ingredients are assembled by this company and sold in bulk frozen  

Some restaurants make decide to make their own 

The frozen pizza puffs can be bought from the frozen food section of grocery stores, and these pre-made pizza puffs are then deep fried before eating  

What is calzone?

A unique type of pizza Originating From 18th century Naples.

Calzone is a pizza turnover and it is the size of a sandwich. 

They are considered to be a variation of pizza that one can eat while walking. The word calzone is an Italian word that means “pant leg” in English 

Calzones may be known as “pizza ripieno” which translates to filled pizza in Italy.

This treat is crescent-shaped and it is made from a full pizza folded in half. 

Calzones are filled with meats like salami or ham, and cheese including mozzarella, parmesan, and ricotta cheese.

Traditionally, calzone is made without tomato sauce. 

The dough for calzones is very much like pizza dough made from flour yeast, salt and water.  

When filled, the dough is folded over the filling into a crescent shape and the edges are sealed close so that the filling cannot fall off easily 

Calzone is traditionally baked in an oven. It can be gotten freshly baked from street vendor wrapped in paper 

A take-away variant pizza Being easy to transport and eaten as street food.

Regional variations of this street food also exist, and just like there can be many varieties of pizza, there are also many different varieties of calzones made using different combination of fillings.


These small sized snacks are just as tasty as pizza  

It is filled with similar ingredients used to top pizza like cheese, sausage or pepperoni. These lightweight treats can be eaten while on the go. 

Unlike traditional pizza where these ingredients are used for topping, in calzones and pizza puffs, the same ingredients are used as filling enclosed in the dough. 

Pizza puffs are typically deep fried while calzones are oven baked.