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Pollo Fundido Vs. Chimichanga

Pollo fundido and Chimichanga are savory dishes which are popular in traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine.

These dishes can also be found worldwide in Mexican restaurants.

Although they are different dishes, pollo fundido and chimichanga are closely related  

They both consist of flour tortilla that is wrapped around a savory filling, and then deep fried until golden brown.

However, the difference between chimichanga and pollo fundido comes from the choice of filling and also the sauces that goes with these dishes   

In this post, we explore the defining characteristics of these dishes and highlight what sets them apart. 

Difference between pollo fundido and chimichanga

Pollo fundido is a dish that consists of a stuffed flour tortilla which is fried until it is browned and crispy. 

Chimichanga also consist of a stuffed flour tortilla and is often considered to be a component of pollo fundido

However, Chimichangas could have a wide variety of fillings, while pollo fundido is typically filled with shredded chicken 

In addition to the chicken stuffing, the pollo fundido is topped with a jalapeno cream cheese sauce. 

Hence the jalapeno cream cheese sauce and the shredded chicken filling are the defining characteristics of pollo fundido 

What is pollo fundido?

When translated, pollo fundido means “molten chicken” in English 

This dish popular in Mexican cuisine.

Pollo fundido consist of a flour tortilla that is stuffed with shredded chicken and then deep fried until golden  

The chicken is cooked until it is tender then shredded. The shredded chicken may be mixed together with melted cheese.

The stuffed tortilla is also topped with a unique sauce.  The fundido sauce is a jalapeno cream cheese sauce which melted over the flour tortilla.

Pollo fundido can also be seasoned with ground cumin, salt, pepper and oregano 

The dish can also be served with Salsa  

What is chimichanga?

Chimichanga is a staple in Tex-Mex cuisine.

The origin of this dish is disputed, although it is widely agreed that chimichanga originated in the United States 

Chimichangas may also be known as “Chivichanga” in Spanish 

It is cheap and easy dish to prepare, made from flour tortillas which are filled with a variety of ingredients  

This treat is actually a type of burrito, however, rather than baking the stuffed tortilla, this version of burrito is deep-fried until the exterior becomes crispy and golden-brown.

Traditionally the fillings for chimichanga are a mix of rice, beans, meat and cheese, but it could have a wide variety of fillings and also toppings. 

The flour tortilla is rolled over the filling and the ends are closed end. chimichanga is often formed into a rectangular shape 

These treats can be served with a side of salsa, guacamole, or sour cream.