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Potato Mousseline Vs. Mashed Potatoes

You would be surprised at the number of preparations you can make with potatoes.

These starchy vegetables can be found almost everywhere in the world, and the recipes for potatoes stretch as far as one’s imagination can take them.

Certainly, you must have had mashed potatoes in one form or the other, whether as a side dish, or a savory pastry filling, however, if you love your potatoes with a finer texture, then potato mousseline is a recipe that would excite you.

But beyond the fanciful name of this preparation, potato mousseline is quite different from your regular mashed potatoes, and in this post, we are going to find out just why.

Difference between potato mousseline and mashed potatoes

In potato mousseline, butter and cream are mixed into the mashed potatoes then baked. The result is a variety mashed potatoes that is a lot fluffier compared to regular mashed potatoes.

The butter and cream, as well as baking the dish after mixing it with these ingredients contributes to the exceptionally fine texture that potato mousseline has.

Varieties of mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes is a savory dish that is made from potatoes.

A cheap source of nutrients and a light dish, it is made using cooked potatoes and can also be used in different preparations.

Once the potatoes are boiled or steamed, a potato masher or ricer is used to mash the potatoes.

Additional ingredients can be used to enhance the flavor of this savory dish; they include garlic, onions, salt, pepper. Parsley, chives, nutmeg, and cheese or bacon.

The varieties of mashed potatoes stretch wide. What sets them apart from regular mashed potatoes is often the technique used to prepare the potatoes.

These dishes could range in texture from light and fluffy to chunky.

They often consist of additional ingredients that would give them a finer texture or a more complex flavor.

What is potato mousseline?

Potato mousseline is a French creation.

Another name for this dish is “pommes mousseline” in French.

Mousseline in French means fine.

It is a variety of mashed potatoes that is creamier, smoother, and fluffier than regular mashed potatoes.

For mashed potatoes like potato mousseline, fluffy potato varieties are used.

Some cooks also make use of a potato ricer rather than a masher to achieve an exceptionally smooth texture.

The potatoes are riced until they are fluffy.

Butter and cream are mixed with the mashed potatoes to give the dish a smooth texture.

Whole milk or whipped cream can also be used in place of cream.

After mixing the mashed potatoes with the additional ingredients, potato mousseline is also baked.

Potato mousseline can be eaten on its own or served as a side dish to a host of other dishes.


Potato mousseline is a style of making mashed potatoes to yield a lighter, fluffier, and creamier texture than regular mashed potatoes.

This dish can be topped with gravy, a variety of sauces, or butter.

This mashed potatoes dish can also be a component of different dishes, It could be served as a side dish to meat, sausage, and vegetables.