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Rack Of Lamb Vs. Lamb Chops

Lamb meat is priced for its rich savory flavor and tender texture.

A spring staple, lamb meat is popular during Eater, this meat can be used in so many culinary preparations.

There are different cuts of lamb, and some cuts are better suited for some types of preparation.

Rack of lamb and lamb chops are among the most priced cuts of lamb.

In this post, we take a look at these cuts of lamb and highlight what makes them different.

Difference between rack of lamb and lamb chops

The rack of lamb is a single cut from the ribs section that is made up of rib chops that are joined together. Rib chops are a type of lamb chops from the rib section.

Location of the cut

The rack of lamb is cut from the rib section, extending from the shoulder to the loin region of one side.

Lamb chops is a thin cut of meat cut from perpendicular to the spine. Chops are cut from different parts of the lamb including the ribs section.

Individual chops usually contain meat and part of the bone from the region where it is cut from.

There are about eight rib bones attached to meat in each rack, and therefore, eight ribs chops could be cut from the rack.


The rack of lamb is a lot expensive compared to the lamb chops. It comes from a desired section of the lamb, and is a lot larger than lamb chops.

Lamb chops offer a wider range of selection with cheaper alternatives like the arm chops and blade chops which are cheaper compared to the loin chops.


Lamb chops are easier to prepare as well.

The rack of lamb is perfect for roasting but can also be seared as it is small in size compared to other types of roasts.

Lamb chops are better suited for searing and grilling.

What is rack of lamb?

A roast cut from the ribs section of lamb. Rack of lamb is usually one side of the rib cage without the backbone.

Another name for rack of lamb is Carré d’agneau.

The rack of lamb from each side joined to the backbone makes up the primal rib. This is also known as hotel rack.

A full rack typically consists of about seven to eight ribs. The rack of lamb may be frenched thereby exposing the rib bones.

The muscles in the rack include the rib eye or Longissimus dorsi.

Frozen racks of lamb can be bought from the grocery stores. The rack of lamb is also quite expensive.

This cut can be roasted or barbequed, it can also be pan seared due to its small size compared to other types of roasts.

The meat is juicy and tender. It also has a rich flavor.

Herbs, oil, and marinade are used to prepare rack of lamb, this cut is also glazed or paired with sauces to keep it moist.

Rack of lamb could also come in different presentations such as Crown roast and guard of honor.

When two or more racks are tied into a circular shape, it is known as crown roast.

Guard of honor makes use of two frenched racks of lamb which are interlinked.

The rack of lamb can also be cut into lamb chops.

What is lamb chops?

One of the most popular lamb cuts. These thin meats are cut from perpendicular to the spine.

Individual chops usually contain meat and part of the bone from the region where it is cut from. They could also be boneless.

Chops are cut from various parts of the lamb. They may vary in their tenderness, flavor, texture, and they could also vary in their fat content.

Two of the most preferred cuts are from the ribs and loin. They have the best flavors, they are tender as well as quite pricey.

Lamb chops that can be cut from the shoulder region include the blade and the arm chops.

These chops are less tender and less expensive compared to the loin chops and rib chops.

For the loin chops and rib chops, you may find the ribs and vertebrae attached to the meat.

Loin chops are also known as t bone chops.

This meat has a “T” shaped bone attached to it separating the eye from the tenderloin

Rib chops are quite like loin chops, however, rib chops do not have the tenderloin.

When attached, the rib chops makes up the rack of lamb?

Lamb chops can be prepared through different means. They can be broiled, grilled, pan-fried, or braised.

Loin chops and rib chops are usually grilled or broiled, which allows the meat to remain tender and flavorful.

Lamb chops may be seasoned with different herbs and spices. The meat may be dry rubbed or marinated with marinades.