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Steak Fries Vs. Potato Wedges

One of the most popular ways potatoes can be enjoyed is as fries which can go with fish, meat, burgers and with some of the tastiest sauces. 

While many of us may recognize regular fries as thin strips of potatoes, there are also variations which are often based on how the potatoes are cut.  

Depending on where you are in the world, these different preparations of fries are known by different names. 

One of the many shapes that potatoes for fries can be cut into is triangular shaped wedges.  

Fries cut this way are a lot thicker than regular fries and they have a softer center with a crisp exterior.

These fries are known either as steak fries or potato wedges.

There is a slight difference between steak fries and potato wedges although it is common to find both terms being used interchangeably to refer to the same dish. 

In this post, we discuss the difference between potato wedges and steak fries, just in case you find both of them on the same menu.

Difference between steak fries and potato wedges

Steak fries and potato wedges are wedged shaped portions of potatoes that are prepared very much like regular French fries.

The slight difference between steak fries and potato wedges comes down to whether the potato peel is peeled off or left behind 

When these wedge-shaped portions of potatoes are peeled, they are known as steak fries but when the skin is left behind on these potato fries, they are known as potato wedges.

What are steak fries?

In America, steak fries are used to refer to thick wedge-shaped portions of potatoes fries.

They are prepared similarly to regular French fries but are cut differently.

Alternatively, these steak fries are known as chips in the UK.  

In the United States, fish and chips are eaten with regular fries, while it is common to find wedge shaped potato fries being eaten with fish and chips in the UK.

Steak fries are thicker, and the texture of this fried potato is also quite different from regular fries.

The interior of steak fries in quite fluffy and they are also not as crunchy as French fries, this is because Steak fries have lesser surface area.

The skin of the potatoes may or may not be peeled off before they are sliced into the wedges. 

The potatoes are first cut in half and then lengthwise to create the wedged shaped portions of the potatoes.

The wedges are deep fried, sometimes twice, until they become golden brown.

They can also be baked or oven roasted. 

These triangular shaped portions of potatoes are eaten as a snack, they can also be served as appetizers or a main dish.

Steak fries could be eaten on their own, they could also be eaten as a side dish to burgers, fish, or meat. 

They are usually served with a sauce or seasonings such as salt and spices.