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Super Firm Vs. Extra Firm Tofu

From soymilk and edamame to a myriad of condiments, soybeans are used in a lot of food products. 

Tofu is also made from mature soybeans. 

This soy product can be classified based on its texture, with the firmer varieties having less moisture 

Tofu can be prepared in various ways, it can be eaten fresh, it is also used dairy free alternative to some varieties of cheese.

How tofu is used depends on how firm it is. 

Extra firm and super firm tofu are two varieties of tofu that come on top when we talk about tofu with the least moisture content.

They are often used for recipes requiring pan-frying, stir fry, deep-frying, or grilling of tofu 

They have different qualities, and in this post, we are going to discuss the differences between firm and extra firm tofu. 

How tofu is made

To make tofu, mature soybeans are soaked in water, following which they are ground and strained to produce soymilk. 

A coagulant is added to the soy milk to produce curds. Traditionally, the coagulant used is nigari (magnesium chloride).

Calcium sulfate or magnesium sulfate can also be used to coagulate soy milk.

The mixture of soy milk and coagulant is heated as the curds form 

The curds formed are then strained and pressed for the whey to drain out 

A larger amount of whey is released the longer the curds are pressed, and the firmness of tofu is dependent on how long the curds are pressed 

The textures of tofu can range between extra soft, soft, firm, extra firm, and super firm tofu. 

Tofu is usually cut into square shaped pieces and stored in water. 

What is Super firm tofu?

Super firm tofu block that is dense and very solid. 

Most of the water content has been pressed out of this form of tofu 

It holds its shape well and doesn’t fall apart easily.

It is a very dry tofu; unlike other forms of tofu this type of tofu does not come in a container of water but is sold in a vacuum sealed packaging.

Super firm tofu also doesn’t have to be pressed after buying it since it is not stored in water and is already pre-pressed. 

This tofu can be grated and sliced 

It is used in stir-fries, sandwiches and salads 

Difference between super firm and extra firm tofu

Both forms of tofu are produced similarly from soy milk, and they usually come in the form of blocks, however there are slight differences between super firm and extra tofu when it comes to their moisture content and texture.


Super firm tofu and extra firm tofu have been drained of most of their moisture content compared to other forms of tofu.

However, extra firm tofu contains a bit more moisture than super firm tofu, hence it is less firm than super firm tofu.

Therefore, super firm is more compact than extra firm tofu, and is also more chewy 

When fried, extra firm tofu is also less crispy than super firm tofu.


Most types of tofu are packed in water to keep it fresh. Without the water the tofu can dry out and break down 

Extra firm tofu is usually packaged in a container with water. 

Super firm tofu does not come in containers filled with water, rather it comes vacuum sealed. 


Both forms of tofu can be prepared similarly as they hold their shape very well; this includes pan-frying, stir fry, deep-frying, and grilling. 

However, there are slight differences observed when preparing them. 

As extra firm tofu is packaged in water, it has to be drained and pressed before cooking it, all these steps are usually skipped when using super firm tofu. 

Extra firm tofu may take a bit longer to fry because of more moisture, it also absorbs flavor faster compared to super firm tofu.  

With less moisture in super firm tofu, the fat and protein content per weight is slightly higher compared to extra firm tofu. 


Tofu is rich in proteins and vitamins. It also contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, and iron.  

It has a bland taste, and different seasoning can be added to flavor tofu which it easily absorbs.

Tofu is also vegetarian and can be used as a meat alternative.