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Tater Tots Vs. Hash Browns

Potatoes are so versatile and they could be prepared in so many different ways or used in so many exciting dishes.

Tater tots and hash browns are made from potatoes and often eaten as side dishes.

Hash browns is popularly eaten as a breakfast dish, and tater tots is often served as a side dish together with other foods, but it can also be used in other recipes too.

The potatoes that are used to make tater tots and hash browns are first shredded into fine pieces and then deep fried.  

Both of these dishes are very alike, however there are a few differences between them.

In this post this post, we are going to find out the differences between hash browns and tater tots.

Difference between hash browns and tater tots

Tater tots and hash brown are made up of shredded potatoes, however, in tater tots, the shredded potatoes are characteristically molded into bite-sized cylindrical shapes before they are deep fried.

On the other hand, for hash browns, the shredded potatoes are shaped into patties and then fried until they are golden brown and crisp on the outside, sometimes, they could also remain shredded.

What are tater tots?

Tater tots is a popular potato dish that could be eaten as a side dish or main dish.

It was first created in 1953 by ore-ida, an American company that produces frozen foods.

Tater tots is actually a registered trademark of ore-ida, however, because of the popularity of this product, the name tater tots has been widely associated with the dish.

This dish is made from grated potatoes which are then shaped into small cylinders. Tater tots are also deep fried until they are brown on the exterior.

Potato varieties like russet potatoes are used to make tater tots.

The other ingredients used to make this dish could include vegetable oil, salt, onions, sugar, corn flour and flavoring.

It can also be seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder.

Tater tots have a golden brown exterior, they are also crisp and crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside.

They could be served as a side dish and eaten together with a burger or used to make other dishes.

What is hash browns?

Hash browns is a classic breakfast dish that is made from potatoes that are finely shredded.

The shredded potatoes are pan-fried in a skillet until they are crisp and have a golden brown exterior. They are soft and fluffy in the interior, and their edges are frizzled as well.

Hash browns could also be cooked in an oven.

The potatoes used for hash browns are russet potatoes.

A grater or a ricer could be used to shred these potatoes into fine pieces; you could also get the shredded potatoes from grocery stores which would be faster to prepare.

Hash browns could be shaped into patties, there are also hash browns that remain shredded after frying them.

This dish is popularly eaten as a side dish together with eggs and bacon.


Potatoes could come in various breakfast dishes including as hash brown and tater tots.

Tater tots are very similar to hash browns and are sometimes considered to be a type of hash browns, however they are shaped differently.

While hash brown are shaped into patties almost the size of a pancake, tater tots are bite sized and cylindrical in shape.

Starchy potatoes like russet potatoes are used to make both of these popular potato dishes

Both dishes are made from potatoes which are first chopped or grated into fine pieces and then fried.

The potatoes to make hash browns and tater tots can also easily be gotten from the grocery stores as shredded frozen potatoes