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Telera Rolls Vs Bolillo Bread

There is a wide variety of sweet and savory breads in Mexican cuisine, and some of them are used to make sandwiches.

Torta is a popular Mexican sandwich that is packed with a variety of savory ingredients.

The ingredients in torta are traditionally served on white breads. Two Mexican sandwich breads are particularly used to make tortas; they are bolillo bread and telera rolls.

To make torta, bolillo and telera rolls are filled with vegetables, refried beans and different types of meats.

Both breads are white breads made from wheat flour, however, these Mexican breads are shaped differently and they also have other different features.

In this post, we are going to discuss the differences between these two Mexican breads.

Difference between bolillo bread and telera rolls

Telera rolls are round in shape and they have two longitudinal indentation on their surface which divides the bread into three sections, on the other hand, bolillo bread has an oval shape with pointed ends, there is also a vertical cut on the surface of the bread.

Bolillo bread is crusty on the exterior but soft inside while telera rolls are soft both on the exterior and inside the bread.

What is a telera roll?

Telera rolls are a type of white bread that is made in Mexico. They are popularly used to make sandwiches like tortas.

They are made from wheat flour, yeast, salt and water.

This bread is round to oval in shape and has a golden brown exterior.

On the surface of telera rolls, there are two longitudinal indentations which divides the bread into three sections.

The three sections appears as individual rolls that are joined together.

Telera rolls have a soft texture both on the outside and the inside.

To make tortas with this bread, it is split horizontally and stuffed with meats, vegetables, tomatoes, beans, lettuce, onions, avocados and other delicious ingredients.

The bread has a large enough surface that can hold the fillings of the sandwiches properly.

This sandwich bread could also be toasted.

What is a bolillo bread roll?

Bolillo is another popular mexican bread that is used to make sandwiches like tortas. Another Mexican sandwich that is often made with this type of bread is known as mollete.

This bread is a smaller bread compared to telera rolls, and it is about the size of traditional bread rolls.

It is a plain and oval shape bread that has tapered ends.

This particular bread has a similar shape as a baguette; an Italian white bread that is also made from wheat flour, however, bolillo bread is smaller in size and shorter in length compared to a baguette.

The exterior of bolillo bread is crusty, although the inside of this bread is soft.

When making bolillo, a vertical cut is made on the surface of this bread before baking, this is known as scoring.

Scoring the bread allows it to expand when it is in the oven. It also makes this bread to be more crusty on its surface.

To use bolillo for sandwiches like torta, the loaf is sliced into two and the fillings for the sandwich are put in between the cut halves of the bread.

Bolillo bread can be filled with a variety of ingredients including meats, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.

In Summary

Telera rolls and bolillo bread are popular Mexican breads that are made from wheat flour.

These breads are split and filled with fillings such as meats, vegetables and various condiment.

Telera rolls are soft and round in shape with two indentations on their surface.

Bolillo breads are crusty, oval in shape and with a vertical cut on their surface.

Both breads are traditionally used to make tortas but can also be used for other sandwiches.