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Texas Toast Vs. Garlic Bread

Heating bread brings about changes in the color of the bread and makes the texture crisp.   

Toasting a slice of bread along with other ingredients also adds layers of flavors to the bread. 

There are many different types of toast which are often based on the type of bread and other ingredients used, some that you may have never known about. 

Among the popular types of toast are Texas toast and garlic bread.

Garlic bread is made from olive oil or butter spread over this bread and toasted while Texas toast is typically made from bread and butter.

While these two types of toasts are different, you may also find variations of Texas toasts that have been made from butter mixed with garlic and may look quite like garlic bread. 

However, Texas toast and garlic bread are two entirely different types of toast. 

In this post we’d learn about what defines each of these toasts by looking at the differences between them. 

What is Texas toast? 

Texas toast is originally from Texas and can be found in Texas and places close by.

This toast is made from pullman loaf, which is a sandwich bread with square slices, however, the version that is used for Texas toast features slices that are about twice the thickness of regular slices.

The slices are about an inch in thickness. 

Butter is spread on both sides of the bread, and it is grilled until it is golden brown in color.

The exterior is crispy while the interior remains soft. 

There are also variations of Texas toast where garlic powder, cheese or pepper may be mixed into the butter or sprinkled over one or both sides of the toast. 

There are various ways to make use of Texas toast: It could be eaten as a snack or used to make sandwiches.  

Texas toast could be served as a side dish to barbecue chicken and beef.  

This toast can also be eaten alongside soups, stews and pasta. It could be used to make French toast as well. 

What is garlic bread? 

Garlic bread is also known as garlic toast  

It is often made from a baguette but can also be made from breads like ciabatta and other types of breads. 

These breads are rubbed with a spread that is made from olive oil, garlic and herbs such as oregano and chives.  

The bread is often partly cut lengthwise with a small portion still holding the bread intact. 

Garlic and olive oil are laid through the cut that has been made through the bread, and then the bread is then baked or grilled. 

Alternatively, the bread could be cut into slices and spread with the garlic and olive oil. 

Garlic bread may be made with minced garlic or powdered garlic. Cheese and butter can also be used to make garlic bread. 

When toasted, the bread has a crusty exterior and soft interior that is infused with rich garlic flavor. 

Garlic bread can be eaten as an appetizer and also as a side dish for soups, meats and stews. 

The toast can also be topped with different ingredients and eaten as a sandwich.  

Texas toast is made from a particular type of bread 

Unlike garlic bread, Texas toast is made with one particular type of bread.  

Texas toast is a style of toasted bread that is made from a bread with slices twice the thickness of regular sliced bread. Traditionally garlic bread is made with loaves like baguette but can also be made with other breads like ciabatta.

The loaf of bread used for Texas toasts is the classic pullman loaf but with slices that are thicker than regular slices. 

The thick bread used to make Texas toast is often a white bread although there are also whole wheat versions available.