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Tripas Vs. Buche; What’s The Difference?

When it comes to selecting the fillings for your tacos, there are a lot of meats to choose from, and sometimes taco is also made using offal 

Tripas and buche are types of offal which used as fillings for tacos and other dishes in Mexican cuisine  

Tacos with these fillings can be found in taquerias and food trucks all over Mexico and in some part of the US 

These meats are quite alike and are prepared similarly, however, they come from different farm animals and are also different in texture.

In this post, we discuss the main differences between tripas and buche. 

Difference between tripas and buche 

Tripas is made from the small intestines of cows but also pork and sheep, buche is gotten from the stomach of pigs  

Also buche has a less spongy texture and is also less chewy compared to beef tripe.

Both offal can be used in tacos as fillings, as well as in other Mexican dishes

What is Tripas?

Tripas is made from the small intestines of farm animals such as cows, pigs or goats. 

The name “Tripas” In Mexican cuisine could refer to both the offal and the dish it is used to prepare.

This meat is boiled until it has a very soft texture, and it is often pan-fried.

Along with other condiments, tripas are often used as a filling for tacos. 

These tacos are known as Tacos de tripa and they consist of braised and pan-fried tripas  paired with fresh cilantro, onions, tomatoes and chili sauce 

Tripas could also be used as a filling for other Mexican snacks. Sometimes it is used in soup or eaten alone. 

Preparing tripas

Cooking tripas involves a lengthy and delicate process that has to be done well to ensure that the meat is neither overcooked nor undercooked, 

Traditionally, tripas are cooked in a “Disco” a cooking instrument that is composed of two tilling discs joined together with a pole in-between 

The meat is first cleaned thoroughly to get rid of the harmful bacteria in the intestine of the animals  

The intestines are then cut into smaller strips after which they are boiled 

Boiling the intestines can also help with getting rid of some of the harmful bacteria 

The offal is boiled for several hours, this helps to give the meat a softer texture, 

Once the texture is soft, they came cooked in a skillet or grilled until it is browned and crispy on its exterior  

The fat from the tripas could be allowed to render or lard could be added to improve the flavor of the meat and the make it more crispy  

What is Buche?

Buche is a type of offal made from the stomach of pigs.

The word “Buche” is the Spanish word for the stomach of a pig. 

The meat is stewed together with a variety of ground or whole spices, along with vegetables. 

It can also be served as a main dish together with vegetables and other ingredients. 

Buche is enjoyed in tacos; Taco de Buche is popular in the menu of taco stands especially in Mexico,.

The pork stomach naturally has a pungent odor and cleaning is essential when cooking it.

After cleaning and cooking, the meat has a mild flavor meat absorbs the flavors of other ingredients in the dish 

Preparing buche 

The pork stomach is first cleaned very well with vinegar and washed with corn flour. 

The cut or whole meat is parboiled in water to help get rid of the odor. 

Buche is also stewed in a large pot for several hours until it becomes tender. Spices and herbs are also added into the dish 

The cooked buche is very tender and has a slightly chewy texture. 

Once cooked, they are served with onions, cilantro, salsa verde or other savory and spicy ingredients to balance out their flavor.