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What Is Double Crust Pizza?

When it comes to pizza, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Pizza comes in different shapes and sizes.

Different varieties of pizzas can be found all over Italy and even in the rest of world.

You can also decide to modify each of the components of pizza to suit your personal taste. 

From the toppings down to the crust, there’s a lot of opportunity for creativity when deciding the type of pizza that you want. 

You can select a pizza with a thick or thin crust, and if you are adventurous, you can also go for a pizza with a double crust.

The double crust pizza is a type of pizza with a unique crust, and in this post, we are going to learn about this exciting variety of pizza.

Double crust pizza

Just as its name implies, the double crust pizza is a pizza with two crusts; a top crust in addition to the bottom crust that forms the base of the pizza.

This form of pizza makes use of two pieces of pizza dough, both are rolled into circles. One dough is used to make the bottom crust where the fillings are laid on top.

The second dough is placed over the first dough sandwiching the topping in between the two pieces of dough.

The double crust pizza can be likened to a pie with pizza fillings.

An example of a double crust pizza is “pizza alla perugina.”

This form of pizza could be made with a wide range of toppings as regular pizza.

How is double crust pizza made?

The pizza dough is the same as regular pizza dough. 

It is made from mixing flour, salt, water, yeast, olive oil.

Once the pizza dough is formed, it is divided into two.

The pieces of dough are placed on a lightly floured surface. Both are rolled into a circle with one being an inch or two larger in size than the other.

The larger circle forms the bottom crust, and it is laid out.

Tomato sauce is spread over the laid-out piece of dough, and it is topped with cheese, sausage, mushrooms, peppers and other pizza toppings.

Then the smaller piece of dough is laid out on top of the bottom dough enclosing the toppings.  

The overlapping portions of the bottom dough are folded onto the top and pinched firmly to seal the contents.

Slits are also made on the top dough to serve as vents to allow for steam to escape.

The double crust pizza can be baked in a cast iron skillet or a pizza pan. It can also be baked in a deep dish.

The pizza is baked in the oven until the crust is formed.

When the pizza is done, it is carved into wedges and served.

Calzone vs double crust pizza

Calzones are a form of pizza turnover.

The double crust pizza is quite similar to a calzone. They both have pizza dough sandwiching classic pizza toppings.  

However, while a single pizza dough is folded over in calzones to enclose the pizza toppings, the double crust pizza uses another piece of dough to enclose the topping.

Therefore, calzones are more semi-circle in shape while double crust pizzas are often circular. 

Another difference between these two types of pizza is that the double crust pizza is made with tomato sauce like regular pizza, calzones on the other hand, do not usually contain tomato sauce.


Double crust pizza is assembled like a regular pizza up to the point where a second piece of dough is added over the base and the topping  

The pizza consists of a top and bottom crust.

It is also different from stuffed crust pizza where the crust is stuffed with the filling.

The double crust pizza converts the pizza topping into a filling by adding an additional crust to the dish.