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Difference Between Pizzelle And Stroopwafel

Pizzelle and stroopwafel are traditional European treats that are also enjoyed all over the world.

These cookies are made using special types of irons that are similar to those used for making waffles

The iron heats cookie dough to produce crisps cookies, it also imprints a pattern on the surface of these cookie.

Pizzelle and stroopwafel are both thin and round waffle cookies, however, in stroopwafel, there is a caramel filling in between two layers of the cookies.

In this post, we are going to discuss more about these two delicious treats.

What is pizzelle?

Pizzelle is a traditional Italian waffle cookie. It is also considered to be one of the oldest known cookies.

The name pizzelle is derived from the Italian word ‘pizze‘ which means flat or round.

These cookies are thin, crisps cookies that are round in shape, and they have patterns on their surface.

To make these cookies, a pizzelle iron is used.  It works in a similar way as the waffle iron, transferring heat to the cookie dough, and imprinting a snowflakes pattern on the surface of the waffle on both sides.

The cookie dough for pizzelle is made from flour, eggs, sugar and shortening. It can also be flavored with vanilla, lemon zest, anise seed or extract.

The dough for pizzelle is cooked in the pizelle pan until it is hard and crisp.  It could also be made to be soft and chewy

What is stroopwafel?

Stroopwafel is also known as syrup waffle

It is another interesting traditional waffle cookie.  Stroopwafel is a waffle cookie from a city in Netherland known as Gouda. 

Stroopwafel is a popular street food in the Netherlands, and it is also popular all over the world.

The dough for stroopwafel is made from flour, butter, brown sugar, yeast, milk and eggs.

It is pressed in a special type of waffle iron until it becomes thin and crisps and has patterns on its surface.

The cookie is also trimmed to be round in shape.

Traditionally, this treat is packaged with a caramel filling in between two layers of these cookies.

Snowflakes pattern on pizzelle

The waffle iron used to make Pizelle imprints a snowflakes pattern on these cookies, however some pizelle irons may imprint floral pattern on these cookies

Stroopwafel simply has a grid pattern on its surface, similar to those on a waffle but smaller.

Caramel filling in stroopwafel

Traditionally, stroopwafel has a caramel filling in between two layers of the cookies.

The caramel filling in this treat is made from brown sugar, cinnamon and butter.

While it is still a syrup, the caramel filling is spread over the waffle cookies and the layers are put together.

The caramel syrup binds the layers of the waffles as it sets.

How pizzelle is used

Pizzelle could be eaten alone or as a part of different dessert recipes.

It can be rolled to make canolli shells and filled with different fillings such as ricotta. 

Canolli is an Italian dessert recipe that is shaped like a tube and has a filling within.

Pizzelle can also be shaped into cups and baskets as well.

How stroopwafel is used

Stroopwafel is classic Dutch cookie that is best enjoyed when they are freshly made, and also while the caramel filling is still warm and syrupy.

These cookies are usually taken with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

The cookie is often placed over the cup of coffee or tea for the caramel filling to melt slightly and for the cookie to be warm.

In conclusion

The irons that are used to make pizelle and stroopwaffle are very similar to a regular waffle maker, however, the cookie dough for these cookies is heavier than regular waffle dough.

There are many other types of thin crisps waffles cookies found all over the world and they are made using different irons that are similar to waffle makers.