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Granadilla Vs. Maracuya

Maracuya and granadilla are tropical fruits within the genus “Passiflora”

When harvested, the pulp of these fruits are eaten. They are also used to make cocktails or dessert. 

These fruits are closely related to the purple-colored passionfruit which are used for making jam and jellies  

The fruits of Granadilla and maracuya look really similar, and because of this, sometimes their names are sometimes used interchangeably in some regions, which could be confusing as these fruits have different characteristics.  

In this post, we take a look at maracuya and granadilla and understand the differences between these two fruits. 

Difference between granadilla and maracuya

Although these names are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to these group of fruits especially, they are do not mean the same thing 

Granadilla is more appropriately used to refer to the orange-colored sweet granadilla, while maracuya refers to the yellow colored Passiflora edulis fruit.

The sweet granadilla has a sweeter taste and a drier pulp compared to maracuya which is quite tart.

Also, unlike maracuya which wrinkles when ripe, the shell of the the sweet granadilla is smooth and glossy when ripe.

What is granadilla?

sweet granadilla

Granadilla refers to the sweet granadilla specie (Passiflora lingularis) It is sometimes used to refer to the giant granadilla species 

However, even the purple colored passionfruit is sometimes known as purple granadilla which can be confusing.

This fruit can be grown in South America, Australia and Africa 

The sweet granadilla is notable for its sweeter taste compared to the fruits within its genus

The fruits are orange to yellow in color with a round shape. The fruit also has a yellow pulp inside the fruit and numerous seeds.

Another peculiar feature about the sweet granadilla is how the tip of the fruit end in the stem.

What is maracuya?

Maracuya is the Spanish term for passionfruit.

There are two main cultivars of the Passiflora edulis specie, the yellow fruits(P. edulis f. Flavicarpa ) are much larger while the purple-colored fruits(P. edulis f. Edulis )

The purple colored fruits of P. Edulis are more popular in the united sates where they are simply known as passion fruits, while the yellow-colored varieties are more popular in the south America

These yellow colored fruits are often referred to as maracuya in South America

This pulp of the fruit can be eaten or juiced or used to make jams and also desserts,

Its flavor is slightly acidic and can be compared to the flavor of a guava 

Their fruits have a smooth and glossy rind which wrinkles as the fruits become more ripe. 


Granadilla and maracuya are tropical fruits that are native to south america.

With numerous small seeds reaching up to 250 in number and surrounded by a gelatinous pulp, these fruits can be classified as berries.

The pulp and the seeds are edible, they are also low in calories but rich in fibers and other essential nutrients.