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How Coconut Seeds Are Dispersed

Coconuts are known for their kernels which are high in fat and the coconut oil which can be extracted from it.

The coconut trees belong to the palm family and yields about a hundred fruits each year.

They can be found in coastal areas in the world as well as planted inland too. As long as the climatic conditions in these regions are tolerable to coconuts, then they can grow there.

Coconuts have adapted several mechanisms by which they can disperse their seed and populate more of these environments all over the world.

Several adaptations have also allowed coconut trees to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of these coastal regions. 

Coconut trees are halophyte and are able to withstand the salty water and even convert them to fresh water unlike a lot of their plants.

They are also adapted to tolerate the sun the wind and the soil conditions of these costal area.

Dispersal of coconut seeds

Dispersal of coconut seed

Coconuts have also adapted several mechanisms to be able to propagate.

They rely majorly on seed dispersal through water and by human activities.

The fruits fall of the coconut tree and then roll into the oceans. From there they are then carried along by ocean currents.

Coconuts seeds travel over long distance by water, from island to island and even between continents. They are deposited on coastal regions where they begin to grow.

There are a couple of factors that make this method of seed dispersal effective for coconuts.

Coconut seedling are able to float on water because of its fibrous husk and air trapped within its fibrous husks which allows it to float on water and to be carried by the ocean currents

The fibrous husks of the coconuts fruits also prevent the coconuts from being eaten by animals.

Coconuts are also grown inland, but in this case they are planted intentionally by humans.

Why plants disperse their seeds?

Seeds of plants get to be spread far a wide often by a process known as seed dispersal

Plants disperse their seeds for several reasons, to continue their progeny and to reduce competition in their own environment.

They do this by several mechanisms, some make use of animals, and some have special mechanism through which they are able to propagate their seed to other regions

The seed of these plants have certain characteristics that make it easy for them to be dispersed from one place to another

Some other plants may rely on other means including wind, birds etc.