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What Kind Of Lettuce Is Used In Tacos?

Lettuce is a good addition to tacos and other sandwiches.

Its crunchy texture and mild flavor blends well with the other ingredients in tacos.

Lettuce is also packed with fibers and is rich in vitamins and minerals including calcium.

This green is often shredded and used inside the tortilla as part of the fillings for taco.  

Another way that lettuce can be used is as the wrap, with the taco fillings contained within the folded lettuce leaves. 

There are different varieties of lettuce you can choose from to use in tacos.  

In this post, we take a look at the different varieties of lettuces that are better suited to be used in tacos either filling or as wraps 

Lettuce for filling tacos

Lettuce has a mild taste and is also slightly sweet. It goes well with other ingredients used in tacos.

It can be eaten raw and has a crunchy texture that can help elevate the dish 

For taco filling, the lettuce is often shredded. The lettuce for filling tacos could be selected from any variety of lettuce, but often, iceberg lettuce and romaine lettuce are used.

Lettuce for taco wraps

The fillings of tacos can also go into a lettuce wraps as a low carb and Gluten free alternative for tortilla 

These wraps are light and super healthy. 

Typically, the varieties of lettuce used as wraps are the broad leave varieties 

For these lettuce cups, the whole leaf of lettuce varieties like Boston lettuce, Romaine lettuce, butter and iceberg lettuce can be used.

These lettuce wraps are great substitute for tortillas when paired with taco fillings.  

Here are some of the varieties of lettuce you can use as taco shells:

Romaine lettuce

They have tall and loose heads; they are quite slender as well. Their tall leaves are crisp and great to make into wraps.

Iceberg lettuce

One of the commonest varieties of lettuce  

Iceberg lettuces are crisp, they have broad leaves that would be great for making wraps  

Boston lettuce

This variety is less compact with large leaves that are cupped.

Their leaves are also soft.

You can separate the leaves from the head of the lettuce by running them under cold water.

Bibb lettuce

This variety is tender with large velvety textured leaves. It is also not as crisp as iceberg and romaine lettuce.