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Difference Between Poutine And Disco Fries

Poutine is one of Canada’s most iconic dishes.

Traditionally, it consists of French fries which are then topped with cheese curds and a brown gravy.  

These strips of potatoes can be enjoyed in a similar preparation from New Jersey known as disco fries.

While poutine and disco fries share a number of similarities, they are quite different, especially when it comes down to the different types of cheese that are used to make these dishes.

In the post, we go through the differences between these two dishes.

What is poutine?

Poutine is a cheap and savory snack. 

Its origins are disputed; however, sources claim that this dish emerged in Quebec around the late 1950s. It however became very popular in the 90s.

This dish is Popular all over Canada and in parts of Northern United States.

It has become a huge part of Canadian cuisine. It can be found in restaurants and fast-food chains.

The dish consists of crispy fries topped with cheese curd and gravy.

Cheese curds and gravy are added to the fries before serving the dish, so they do not soak up the fries.

The curds are fresh and juicy.

The brown gravy is light, salty and mildly spiced with pepper. The gravy could be made from beef stock or chicken stock.

A combination of chicken and beef stock could also be used to make the gravy for this dish.

They are several varieties of poutine, with some featuring additional ingredients including meats such as sausage, chicken and bacon.

What is disco fries?

Disco fries is an American dish inspired by the Canadian poutine, and quickly became a staple in new Jersey. 

A simple dish; it is made up of fries, brown gravy and cheese  

The crispy fries are topped with melted cheese and gravy. 

Disco fries are made with mozzarella or cheddar cheese.

Provolone or American cheese can also be used to make this dish.

It was originally eaten as a late-night snack that was served after a night out to disco or partygoers.

Disco fries became very popular among club-goers hence its name.

The gravy for disco fries could be a beef gravy or a chicken gravy.

Poutine Vs. disco fries

Both of these dishes are regional staples with disco fries being more popular are New Jersey, Poutine is more common in Canada.

Unlike poutine which is topped with fresh cheese curds. Disco fries are made using shredded mozzarella or cheddar cheese.

The gravy for disco fries is also thicker and darker than the gravy that is used for poutine. 

What are cheese curds?

Also known as squeaky cheese in reference to the noise made when bitten into, cheese curds are made from pasteurized milk, starter culture and rennet. 

They are often produced as a by- product when making cheese like cheddar cheese.

Once the curds form, they are cut and cooked to remove whey and then they are pressed.

Cheese curds are best enjoyed fresh.

These cheese curds have a mild flavor that can be compared to cheddar cheese.